Friday, May 22, 2015

The Long Trip Home

Palo Duro Canyon
We left Meteor Crater on April 24th and pulled into Albuquerque around 3:00.  Enchanted Trails RV Resort was a good stop for the night.  The weather was a bit stormy, but nothing too bad.  The next day we started out towards Palo Duro Canyon in Texas.  It started to pour rain about 1 hour after we left, and it quickly deteriorated into a downpour for the rest of the trip with 40 mph winds to boot.  I called Palo Duro Canyon and asked them if it was flooding.  Indeed it was, so I cancelled our reservation (lost one night's money) and booked us into Amarillo RV Ranch.  It was a good thing I did, because there was lots of flooding all over the area. We stayed two nights, relaxed the next day and had a great steak dinner at the Big Texas Roadhouse.

Our next stop was Red Rock Canyon.  This campground was a pleasant surprise, with a spacious pull through right by a stream.  We stayed for two nights, and enjoyed the day off from driving walking and reading.

Pull Through at Red Rock Canyon, OK

Our next stop was Heyburn Lake, an Army Corps of Engineer park.  It's a bit off the beaten path, and our navigational system took us to Shephard's Point which is on the other side of Heyburn Lake. We finally found the right section of the park, and pulled into a pull through site.  It's a beautiful lake and the park is very nice but could use more maintenance, as it's getting a bit run down.

Heyburn Lake Park

Pull Through at Heyburn Park, OK
After our two night stay at Heyburn Lake, we continued on to Bennett Springs MO.  What a find this park was, with an excellent pull through site with sewer, water, electric and even WIFI.  The WIFI here was actually better than any that we've had at the private parks we've stayed at.

State Hatchery at Bennett Springs State Park, MO
Bennett Springs has a state trout hatchery and seems to be a popular fishing spot.

Trout Fishing at Bennett Springs State Park

The campsites were beautiful.

Pull Through Campsite at Bennett Springs State Park
Redman Creek in Missouri was the next two night stop.  The campsites were level and easy to get into, and it was a nice easy setup.

Campsite at Redman Creek
Redman Creek Campground is across from Lake Woppapello.  About 1/2 mile down the road there is a complete recreational area with a swimming beach.

I was anxious to get to Kentucky, since we had always wanted to see more of the state.  Our first campground in KY was Canal Campground, another wonderful ACE park.  Canal Campground is on a peninsula between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake.

Kentucky Dam

Since we were staying for two nights, we took a drive to see a nearby wildlife preserve on our day off.  There were some bison and elk there.

On Friday May 8th we left for Moutardier Park, our final ACE park.  This was Mother's Day weekend, so the park was fairly full.  Our campsite was right on Lake Nolan, and made for a  nice relaxing two day stay.

We took a drive out to Nolan River Dam, another impressive Army Corp of Engineer construction.

Our final campground stop was Carters Caves State Park.  We were not impressed at all with this park.  It was a bit run down and could really use some better care.  We were told that the state was short on funding.   There wasn't much to do here, so we just took it easy and prepared for the last leg home.  We decided to stay at a Ramada Inn in Morgantown WV for a night, and then head home on May 13th.

We've been busy getting everything unpacked and trying to get things in order.  It was such a great trip, but as usual after being in the trailer for four and a half months we're glad to be home.

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