Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Salt Springs Feels Like Home

We've been in Salt Springs for a month now, and have gotten into a good routine here.  It's a lazy life style, where we get up somewhere between 7:30 and 9:00, get on the internet (on our very weak on again-off again connection), walk the dog at 11:00, read a book in the afternoon, take the dog for another walk in the late afternoon, and settle in for dinner around 5:30.  In the evening we have Direct TV and network TV off of our antenna - all except for NBC which we can't seem to pull in.  On Saturdays there is the flea market up in the local shopping center where you can get a paperback book for $1.00.   There is a restaurant up the road that offers an early bird meal for $4.00 if you get there by 4 O'clock, $5.00 if you get there by 5 and so on.. (the beat the clock special).

We found a great dog park in Ocala - Millenium Dog Park.  We took Mirra for a visit there on Sunday, which was a good day to do it because there were plenty of dogs there.  She loved it, and we will go back again next week.  It's at least a 50 mile drive, so we try to do some shopping when we're in Ocala.

We will be going for a boat ride this week now that the weather is warm again.  We will also finally get into the Springs.  It went down into the 20's for the last couple of nights and highs in the 50's.  Today is starting another heat wave, going up to 77 today, and 80's by tomorrow.  There certainly has been some crazy extreme weather this year.

All in all, we are used to the area, and love it.  Except for missing our family and friends,  life in Salt Springs feels like home.