About Us

My hustand Bob and I have always loved to travel, and especially love camping. We moved from tent camping, to a pop-up and finally to a travel trailer. Our first trailer was 26 feet. Bob was already retired, so when I decided to retire at 62 we moved up to a 30 foot Rockwood travel trailer. Our game plan was to camp for about half of the year, and to stay home for the other half. We considered going full time, but wanted to try living in the trailer for extended periods of time to see if we liked the life style.

Well, I managed to retire in 2008 at 62, and for the past few years we have experienced some amazing travel adventures. This blog will be devoted to relating our stories of past and future travels, and I will try to pass on what we have learned on making such trips enjoyable and relatively inexpensive. As time has gone on, the inexpensive part has become much more of a priority, since the financial situation in the country has adversely impacted our savings.  Hopefully things will get back on track, but until then we will have to find some creative ways of cutting down on our travel expenses.

We travel with our Old English Sheepdog Miracle (Mirra is her nickname).  We got Mirra at 41/2 months old right before we made our first post retirement trip.  She was then and still is a wonderful traveling dog who seems to enjoy being on the move as much as we do.  She has enjoyed dog parks all over the country!
Mirra on her first trip to Arizona in 2008

Bob and Miracle in Saguaro National Park 2008