Sunday, January 27, 2013

Enjoying a beautiful Florida Winter in Salt Springs

Wow, are we getting some beautiful weather here in Salt Springs. While the temperatures in New Jersey have been in the 20's and low 30's, we've been getting highs in the 70's. In fact, this week it will be going up into the 80's for the second time in January. I'm loving it!

We've got our camp set up easily this year. We headed down to the local flea market and purchased a couple of nice hanging plants – a lipstick plant and a pitcher plant. Whenever we get down here, I feel the need to “nest”, and so this year we bought some solar lights and lined the driveway with them. We also got some new lights for the screen tent. It's funny, but these little things make me feel at home, wherever we happen to be. Looking around the campground, lots of other people must feel the same way, because they have all kinds of neat stuff set up on their sites.

Miracle enjoying the lazy camping life
I love our site.  As you can see, we have plenty of room. 
Our campsite at Salt Springs Recreational Area
 Below is the view from behind the trailer. 

One thing Bob and I are really enjoying are the Kindles that we bought for Christmas. Bob and I are both avid readers, and in the past we always seemed to have about 25 books in the trailer. With the Kindle, we can get new books easily, and save so much space. Right now I'm reading Ken Follett's recent books. I just got done Fall of Giants, and am now reading Winter of the World. Great books!

My only complaint with Salt Spring Recreation Area is that the cell phone service is extremely poor here. We bought a Wilson cell phone booster, but even with that, the reception is spotty.  Since I get Internet off of my cell phone, our Internet access is very intermittent, and often non-existent.  Maybe that's not such a bad thing.  Bob and I have spent much more time outside, and have been reading more.  Sometimes it's good to get unglued from the computer.

Today we're going to take a canoe ride. The manatees are hanging out near the Salt Springs, so if we're lucky we'll get some good pictures of them. Since the weather is so warm, we may go swimming tomorrow. The water in the springs is always 72 degrees, so it should be comfortable. Like I said, I'm loving this weather!