Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Huntington Beach State Park, Murrells Inlet SC

We completed our 2012 winter trip with a 9 day stay in Huntington Beach State Park.  The park is in Murrells Inlet, which is right next to Myrtle Beach.  However, Murrells Inlet is much quieter and has far less traffic than Myrtle Beach does.

Huntington Beach has 125 sites altogether - 20 sites with sewer, and 105 with electric.  The sites are spacious, and fortunately are built to shed the rain.  We caught a stalled front of rain halfway through our stay there that just wouldn't move, and gave us 7 inches of rain in four days.  Our site remained high and dry even after that.

Campsite 98 at Huntington Beach State Park

In spite of the rain, we managed to get in some good beach time.  There are two paths from the campground that lead down to the beach, and you can even take your dog to the beach as long as it's on a leash.  The water was 78 degrees, great for swimming!

Beautiful uncrowded beach - Huntington Beach State Park

78 degree water in May
Huntington State Park is home to alligators that reside in the causeway coming into the park.  We had some excitement when we went to take pictures of the gators.  Two alligators were going through a courtship ritual, and I got video of the male alligator letting out a mating call.  It was incredible - sounded like a motor cycle.  When he reared his head up he looked like a dinosaur.  Check out the video!

I am home now as I write this, and as usual I have mixed emotions - glad to be home, but sorry that the trip has ended.  I'm already planning our excursion for 2013, which will include the Florida panhandle, Alabama's Gulf State Park, Vicksburg and Chattanooga.  Bob and I have three grandchildren graduating from college next year, so I made sure that we will be home in time for the ceremonies.  For now, we have lots of unpacking and cleaning to do.


  1. Great location for camping. Your picture of the Huntington State Beach is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Thanks, Rick. Bob is the photographer, and I take the video. We love this park, and plan on going back in October for two weeks. Hopefully there will be no hurricanes.