Monday, May 7, 2012

Anastasia State Park, Saint Augustine FL

The Super Moon over Anastasia State Park Beach

We arrived in Anastasia on Saturday, and will be leaving tomorrow.  On Saturday night we ran down to the beach to get a shot of the Super Moon.  It was a crystal clear night, and the moon looked enormous.

Campsite 41 - Anastasia State Park, Saint Augustine Florida

This park has large well spaced sites nestled in a beautiful woods of Thatched Palms and Live Oaks.  A short distance away is an outstanding white sandy beach on the Atlantic.   We spent two wonderful days on the beach and in the ocean, which was warm with a very gentle surf, making it great for swimming.

Beach at Anastasia State Park, Saint Augustine Florida

This morning we took Miracle to the Joe Pomar Dog Park in Saint Augustine.  Unfortunately, there weren't any other dogs there.  She still got a good workout playing with her ball, and left tired and happy.  Saint Augustine has about four dog parks, so it's a very dog-friendly place.

Miracle at Joe Pomar Dog Park

I would definitely like to visit Anastasia State Park again, and stay for at least a week.  There's plenty to see and do here.  The old town of Saint Augustine is fun to explore.  We toured it a few years ago and loved it.

Well, on to Hilton Head Island tomorrow.  We're looking forward to the hot tub and swimming pool there. 

Cactus Flower - Anastasia State Park
I told you - we have RV insurance!


  1. That sure is a beautiful looking beach at the state park. Hope Miracle gets to meet some friends next time at the dog park.

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  3. Hey thanks for the tip, Rick. I changed it, so it should be easier for people to comment. Glad you stopped by!

  4. Love St. Augustine. The desert is wonderful, but I miss the beach.

    Thanks for getting rid of word verification!

    The Good Luck Duck

  5. Bob and I love the desert - especially where you are. My son lives in Gilbert, so we visit there fairly often. We couldn't live there though because our first love is the beach. Next year we're going to visit the beaches along Florida's panhandle.