Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bargain Camping in the Florida Keys

sunset at Bahia Honda State Park

The Florida Keys are notoriously expensive for campers, with many campgrounds charging over $100.00 a night. However, there is a bargain to be found – the state parks. There are four state parks in the keys – John Pennekamp Coral Reef, Curry Hammock, Long Key and Bahia Honda. Each of these are wonderful parks that charge $38.50 nightly for sites with electric hookups and water. John Pennekamp offers sewer hookups as well. Bob and I have stayed in all but Curry Hammock, and we are looking forward to staying there for two weeks in April 2012. Out of the other three we think that Bahia Honda is the best for swimming, but Long Key has all waterfront sites that have spectacular views. Bahia Honda has waterfront sites, but we have never managed to book them since they are in such high demand. In order to get reservations at these parks you have to log into Reserve America exactly 11 months before the day that you want to start your reservation. My advice is to log in about 15 minutes before 8:00 AM, pick out your campsite and get everything set up so that you are able to click on the button to reserve the campsite at exactly 8:00. It is very difficult to get these sites, and so you may have to try over a period of a few days. We have managed to get reservations for three years now, so it just requires a little patience and determination. Believe me it's worth it to get these great sites

view from our campsite at Long Key State Park


  1. Hi there. I dont know if your prices are correct. Is it with an RV vehicle that you are quoting as I have stayed at many sites for around about $15 to $25 dollar per night. Certainly I wouldnt pay $100 to sleep under canvas.

  2. My prices are correct, but I feel the same way as you. I wouldn't pay that much either.