Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Return to Gulf State Park

We pulled into Alabama's Gulf State Park on April 5th.  We camped here last year, and were really looking forward to our two week stay.  Things went a bit sour when we checked in, however.  Last year the policy was that you could rent the the Canal campsites on a first-come first-serve basis.  This year it ends up that you can only get those sites if you reserved them ahead of time.  Unfortunately when I reserved our campsite, you couldn't reserve the Canal sites - they changed their policy in mid-stream.  Much to my chagrin we were assigned a site on Quail Road.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that our pull-through site was absolutely wonderful, so my grumpiness about the whole thing quickly abated.  We set up camp and settled in for two weeks of beach and biking.

Unfortunately, neither the weather nor our health cooperated.  Bob and I both came down with some kind of upper respiratory infection that had us both under the weather for the entire stay.  Bob ended up going to a doctor to get antibiotics, and both of us took it pretty easy for the whole two weeks.  We did get to the beach a couple of days, but it was too cool to go into the water.  We didn't bike at all since neither one of us really felt up to it.  We did get to do a few things that really needed attending to - grooming Mirra and washing the RV.  Both were getting a bit dirty!

We went out to get a bird feeder since there were so many birds in the park.  Most of our days were spent sitting in our chairs reading and enjoying the many birds that were at the feeder - lots of cardinals, red-winged blackbirds, finches and even a red-headed woodpecker.

Although I was disappointed that we didn't get to do more, I have to say that if we were going to be under the weather, at least we had a pretty site and a beautiful park to recover in.  Gulf State Park is still one of our favorites.


  1. Hi Maggie: I'm enjoying older posts that you have made. My husband and I are retired and just bought a used 5th wheel. I would love to travel like you have done. we also have a dog, although she is a lot smaller. You didn't give up bloging did you? I hope not. where are you at now? Safe travels where ever you are Wade and Cindy

  2. I haven't given up blogging, and in fact am getting ready to post new stuff very soon. Bob and I are now in Desert Hot Springs, and really enjoying it. So glad you are enjoying reading about our travels, and hope that you get to travel lots in your 5th wheel. Thanks for stopping by!