Monday, October 21, 2013

Delaware Seashore State Park

Delaware Seashore State Park
We just spent two weeks in Delaware Seashore State Park, and had a great time.  I was at this state park many years ago, but this was my first visit with Bob.

Our Campsite at Delaware Seashore State Park
There's nothing special about the campground.  It's basically just a huge parking lot - no trees or anything - but all in all it's fine.  The park has full hookups, and is in a wonderful location - in between Bethany Beach and Dewey Beach.  The campground borders the Indian River Inlet, and it's a short walk to the beach.  We got really lucky, and hit a span of five days of summertime weather in October.  The daytime temperatures were in the 80s, and the water was warm enough to swim in - about 69-70 degrees.  Although the water was a little chilly, Bob and I were determined to get a few last swims in before the real fall weather hits.  They let dogs on the beach on October 1st, so Mirra got to go on the beach with us.  She seemed to enjoy  the whole experience!

Bob and Mirra at Delaware Seashore State Park
Mirra and me at the Indian River Inlet

This bridge is beautiful at night - it's all lit up with blue lights.

Bridge at Indian River Inlet at Delaware Seashore State Park

Fishing seems to be a big thing here, especially on the Indian River Inlet.  They were catching rockfish, blues and togs.  I was told that the togs are really good fish to eat.

Tog caught at Delaware Seashore State Park - not a keeper!
It's a good thing that we enjoyed the magnificent summer weather, because on October 9th, a wicked Nor'easter blew in, and rocked the trailer for three days solid.  Our last few days down here were filled with howling wind and buckets of rain.  Take a look at the video - it was pretty wild!


  1. This park looks perfect for our future trip through the Northeast. Love the beach and you can't get much closer than that! Thanks!

  2. The beach is wonderful, and we're planning on going back because of that. I think you'll enjoy it there.

  3. Thanks, as always, for your great commentary and pictures. Love seeing you and the Bobster having a fun time. We had the summer weather, but we didn't get the n'easter ~~a little rain, but no wind to speak of. Keep those vacation blogs coming. I love them.

  4. Your comment came through as anonymous, but I have to guess it's Sam. We did have a fun time, in spite of the weather at the end. Even that was fun for awhile - but by day 3 the rain and wind was getting old. Good to see you stop by as always!