Friday, April 27, 2012

Bahia Honda State Park, Marathon Florida

We pulled into Bahia Honda on Thursday, the 19th.  Since then, we've been doing what we do best - laying on the beach, reading books, and just living the lazy life, as you can see below.

Bahia Honda has the best swimming beach in the Keys, and so we make sure to take advantage of it.  We did notice that the beach is eroding pretty badly, but it's still great.  The weather has been beautiful, although we had a full day of heavy rain on Saturday.   We may get more rain over the next few days, but hopefully it won't deter us from beaching out.

The campsites at Bahia Honda vary greatly as far as length and width.  Some are too narrow to put a screen tent up, but fortunately the one we got is just big enough.  We didn't even bother putting the canoe in the water, as it's been a little too windy and rough.

We leave here on May 2nd, and will start winding our way up the coast.  Our first stop is Jonathon Dickinson State Park, where I thought we'd stay for a couple of days just to check it out.  I'll be sorry to leave the Keys - it really is paradise.

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